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Indexer Software -- no longer supported

Computerized Index Wheel Software

This software drives a stepper motor connected to the spindle of any lathe to be used in place of a traditional index wheel. The software can handle multiple index wheels and each can have any number of holes. The software allows for phase differences between the various wheels. Patterns can be programmed so that some holes of the wheel are used and other holes are skipped.

For detailed information on how I mounted a stepper motor to my lathe, see There are lists of parts, sources for materials, and directions for connecting the stepper to a driver circuit board and to the computer.

View the video tutorials on YouTube: Computerized Lathe Indexer and Using the Indexer Software.

Important Note:

This software is no longer supported. Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, and Phidgets make changes faster than I can keep up with them.

The source code for this software is available to anyone who wishes to make their own changes or modify it for their own purposes. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 3 of the License. It was developed using the NetBeans interactive development environment which is available for free. To download the source code, see: (and be sure to read the README file).

Driver Software:

Follow the instructions that came with the Phidgets 1062 board, 1063 board, or 1067 board to download the software drivers onto your computer. You can then use the Phidget Control Panel to check that everything works. The newer Phidgets 1067 board should work OK with the newest version 1.3.1 software on Mac OSX 10.9 and Windows 7 64-bit and Java8.

Indexer Software:

The software was written in Java, so it should run on most computers.

For documentation, see the "Help" menu within the program.

You need to have the Java run-time software loaded on your computer. It has been working fine with Java6 and Java7. It also appears to be working with Java8 (but has not been thoroughly tested on Java8).

Mac Installation:

Windows and Linux Installation:

Setting the Preferences

The first thing you need to do is to set the Indexer Preferences to match your specific hardware. On a Mac choose "Preferences" and on Windows choose "Tools" -> "Options". Select the "Hardware" tab. Set the number of steps for your stepper motor and the size of the large and small pulleys. For the 1062 board you must indicate which of the 4 connector blocks on the Phidgets 1062 board you wire your motor to. For the 1063 or 1067 board you can set the current limit per the instructions that came with the board. Note that this will typically be less than the maximum current of your motor. I recommend that you start with 1.0A (assuming your stepper motor is rated for at least that much). These preferences are saved so you only need to enter the values one time.

And finally:

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This software is part of the Computerized Ornamental Lathe (COrnLathe™) project.

This software is Copyright © 2011 by the Studio of Bill Ooms.